Functional Medicine

In addition to being self-evident, it is a fact supported by hard, scientific evidence that the human being is beautifully created and evolved to live, thrive and reproduce in a normal Earth environment. Therefore, if human beings are generally having a difficult time surviving, thriving and reproducing, there must be something wrong with the environment. This forms the basis of our nutritional approach: return the environment, as closely as possible, to an optimal state and let this beautiful entity called the human body, mind and spirit, perform its magical, healing process.

It is a fact that we are beset with bad air, bad water, bad food, bad thoughts, and too much stress. It is not easy, but it is amazing and hope-inducing to know that most of these factors can be significantly modified, if not eliminated. Oh, it's true that our food has been largely destroyed by greedy and unscrupulous people, ranging from farmers to corporations to the government – and that might be the cause of the bad thoughts and excess stress, just saying. But there are ways around even these devastating misfortunes. The obvious ones are political in nature, beyond the scope of this website, but, thank heavens, there are still private gardens in which to grow fertilizer-free and pesticide-free, non--genetically modified, wonderfully nutritious vegetables. You might be surprised to see how small a garden is required to take care of the nutritional needs of the average family these days. Because of some of the above factors, many of today's families have few or no children, partially because of monumental interference with our reproductive systems, largely the result of petrochemical pollution interfering with the proper expression of our hormones. Then there are other forms of food-based supplementation, methods of increasing internal chelation, clearing liver obstructions including gallstones without surgery, rebuilding the adrenal glands after they have been completely fatigued by stress, and many other methods that we employ routinely to restore natural quality of life to our patients. Our methods are time proven over thousands of years, safe and effective but surprisingly unknown to the general public in this day and age. If you have questions about your particular situation, give us a call at (850) 769-3602 and arrange for a short, 15 minute consultation, either in person or over Skype. I do not charge for this short consultation, since I do not believe in charging people to tell them I cannot help them in the rare instance that I cannot. This allows you to ask, without cost or obligation, the questions that will allow you and me to understand if you are a candidate for our approach. Additionally, you can watch the short video on the home page of this website – Ralph's story – which will give you a pretty good idea of what we do here.

– Dr. Robert Copp, D.C., B.S.(medHB), CAcu
Chiropractic Physician